Health Insurance

Health insurance is essential to consider when moving to the Netherlands, since there are multiple options. We have split them into two categories; if you plan to work in the Netherlands, or if you will not be working.

If you will work

  • As soon as you start working alongside your studies, you must take out Dutch public health insurance (basiszorgverzekering).
  • We recommend the insurance company ‘Bewuzt‘, but please have a thorough look at what suits you best.
  • You can compare Dutch health insurance plans here.

If you will not work

  • As an EU student, you are most likely covered for a temporary stay in the Netherlands by the health insurance scheme in your home country.
  • Check this in advance in your home county and remember to request and bring along an EU health insurance card (E111).
  • Be aware that some EU countries set a limit for the length of time you can be insured abroad with an EU Health Insurance card. If you are not covered for the duration of your stay, you should take out an additional student insurance package. The University recommends the ICS Complete+ student insurance package from AON.

Good to know!

  • Non-EU students, and EU students requiring additional coverage, can apply for a student insurance policy from a Dutch insurance company. Various levels of coverage in different price ranges are available.
  • An added advantage is that some student insurance packages also cover personal liability, household contents, theft, repatriation and legal advice. Always make sure that your policy covers pre-existing conditions.