General Practitioners (GPs)

In the Netherlands, you must register at a local General Practitioner (GP). This will be your first point of contact for any and all medical issues and questions. Either your GP can treat you, or they will recommend you see a specialist.

Finding a GP

There are several places to find GPs:

When you pick a GP in your neighbourhood, you will need to register with your personal details and citizen service number (BSN).

The GP assistant (a medical trained professional) will often also ask for your health insurance to verify that you are covered. Any bills will immediately be sent to your insurance company.

Important notices

  • Please note that appointments with your GP are always covered by your insurance, but certain specialized treatments (such as testing your blood) may be charged under your deductible.
  • GPs are very neighbourhood specific so make sure that you check the postcode of your residence carefully – the GP will only help you if they are in your postcode. The website of the GP will show the postcode they accept.
  • The GP will send prescriptions to their associated pharmacy and they can be collected immediately. Thereafter for a recurring prescription you can apply through an online portal and you will receive an email.

If you are seriously ill, go to the hospital rather than to the GP – you will get treated there immediatly.